I love Pilates.  I love teaching Pilates to new people.  I love seeing someone find something in themselves that they did not know was even there.  Pilates is for Every BODY.  For the past 18 years I have been and avid Pilates student craving to learn more about the way the body moves.  I have three children and was able to exercise throughout my third pregnancy with Pilates.  Like many people–injury first sparked my interest in Pilates.  I was not able to modify my regular gym workouts to accommodate my aging, injured body.  The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it can be modified to accommodate anyone at any physical level.  Pilates allowed me to do exercises I was unable to do with free weights or machines,  It introduced me to a new way of moving and I am so pleased to be able to share my passion for Pilates with my clients.   

I completed my comprehensive Pilates certification through Core Dynamics in Pittsburgh in 2011. She is also certified through the National Certification Program (NCPT).  I’ve been a member of  the Pilates Method Alliance since 2011 (PMA). In the Spring of 2019 I trained with Cara Reeser in Denver. Cara is a second generation instructor who created The Heritage Program based on Kathy Grant’s work. I graduated from the program in June of 2019. I have been working on completing Movement Science Made Simple graduate education program with Cara and Jeremy Laverdue to further gain knowledge of anatomy of movement and rehabilitation.  This will allow me to gain a deeper perspective of the makeup of the human body and movement patterns.

I have completely reshaped my teaching style to be able to constantly challenge my clients. I try to address all clients concerns and encourage them to listen to what their own body is telling them and help them enable themselves by making modifications when needed. I look forward to welcoming individuals of all fitness abilities for a wonderful and challenging workout. P3 Pilates has been open in Castle Rock, CO since 2015.